We review your corporate digital estate to measure your performance against peers from relevant sectors and geographies, and global best practice. Our continuously evolving benchmarking methodology covers eight top-level metrics and 26 sub-metrics, giving you clarity on your strengths and weaknesses; the areas where your performance is best practice; and the places where it falls short.

The Your Company Report panel shows the current score, previous score and index rank of a company in the Index. The Sector, Country and any Best practice metrics are also shown.

You’ll get deep insight across your own digital presence; as well as access to all of our original research, trends, best practice tips, thought leadership and a direct line to our experts. Once we have reviewed your website and related online channels, you’ll be able to demonstrate progress over time. Our benchmarking services will help you determine how well your digital channels meet the needs of your organisation and its key stakeholders; and to identify the changes required to make your website and related channels best in class.


“Bowen Craggs is the only consultancy I have come across that understands the entire corporate web ecosystem and its respective audiences.” 

Digital content strategist, Telecommunications sector

In a nutshell

  • Highlights of strengths and weaknesses of your existing online channels
  • Get tangible insights to prove the business value of your corporate website (or corporate digital communications)
  • Stand out in your industry
  • Prioritise the areas where your corporate digital communications should be doing more for your message and your audiences