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Bowen Craggs are experts in global online corporate communications. 
We help you measure and improve your corporate digital estate to help save you time, avoid costly mistakes, and continuously improve your performance

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We have been advising corporate digital communicators for more than 20 years


Understand the effectiveness of your corporate digital communications, how you compare to your peers, and the right focus areas to improve

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Visitor Research

Are you ready to move past the narrow view provided by analytics data? Our corporate site surveys provide actionable insights into all your key visitor groups

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Expert assistance when you need it most, saving time and resources whilst avoiding costly mistakes



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The Bowen Craggs IndexTM The best of corporate digital communication

What does the best in the world look like?

How can "the best" be measured comprehensively and objectively to help everyone be better? Bowen Craggs has been measuring corporate digital channels for more than 20 years and the Bowen Craggs IndexTM has the answers.

Why is it valuable to you?

You need to see your audiences clearly in order to get the most out of your communications efforts; understanding their diversity, their needs, and the different expectations they have of your digital communications. And that's where we can help. Our in-depth analysis of your key digital channels will help you understand how effective they really are and avoid costly mistakes. You'll be able to compare yourself against other companies in the Index to have a benchmark of your efforts.

Database of corporate digital best practices

Our analysis covers all corporate digital channels to show who is the best at serving their audiences, why and how they got there. Every year we highlight new trends and emerging themes in our Index Snapshot, discussing innovative tactics and approaches that you can apply to your company's online channels. 

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