Over the last 13 years, Bowen Craggs has been running visitor surveys across a wide variety of directly comparable corporate sites. The information insight gleaned from over almost a million and a half responses - the largest data set of its kind - helps build a picture of the most important corporate visitor groups digital audiences and their reasons for visiting, the effectiveness of the site by goal accomplishment, as well as overall brand perception following the visit. We can track the reputational value of the site as well as the effect it has on users’ behaviour, while free text comments enable companies to hear directly from audiences in their own words.

Visitors are the key to turning data into insights. Understanding their wants and needs can help you prioritise improvements, measure them, and distinguish identify which forms of engagement are the most worth tracking over time. 

Bowen Craggs surveys complement your existing analytics and go further to provide valuable insights into who your visitors are, why they came and whether they achieved their goals. Our Visitor Research also provides benchmarking for additional context and credibility.

The Survey Benchmark Dashboard shows which audience group visitors identify with, where they are looking on the site and why. It also shows how successful their visit was, how that has changed their brand perception, and whether their Net Promoter Score.

“The Visitor Research gives us a better indication than any other digital metric of how what we do is impacting the real goal of our comms.”

Head of Global Digital, Pharmaceutical sector

This data is vital in understanding if your corporate website is performing effectively for the diverse audiences it serves. The surveys also measure the impact the corporate site is having on your company’s reputation – a valuable metric that is all too often overlooked - and enable evidence-based conversations with your internal stakeholders.

In a nutshell

  • Understand who is coming to your site, what they are looking for and how satisfied they are with their visit
  • See the effect of the website on your reputation and the behavioural intent of audiences
  • Inform conversations with internal stakeholders with data-based evidence
  • Prioritise your strategic updates in line with the real priorities of your audiences
  • Measure improvements in support of overall business and communications goals
  • Benchmark your performance against other corporate estates