The Bowen Craggs Club

The community for leaders in digital corporate communications at the world's biggest organizations

A knowledge network for people who are serious about online communications

The Bowen Craggs Club is an invitation only network for the most engaged online corporate communications professionals, aimed at individuals and companies who believe in the need for world-leading corporate web estates.

Most Club members work in Fortune Global 500 corporations across Europe, North America and Asia. In addition, we welcome senior managers from public sector and non-government organizations with responsibility for large web estates.

In coming together through The Club to explore ideas and issues, online communications professionals from very different organizations discover they are facing the same challenges and, crucially, can share ways to tackle them.

David Bowen in conversation during a meetingA session during our 2018 conference in LisbonScott Payton at a meeting in Paris


Club members get together at network meetings and our conference as well as virtual gatherings.