Strategic consulting

We are called in by clients to help formulate strategy at the four pivotal points in the lifecycle of a corporate web presence

Acting as advisor at every stage

We have been brought in at four stages of a web presence’s lifecycle: before a major relaunch; during redevelopment; after relaunch; and at any time to tackle specific issues or measure effectiveness against peers.

Before relaunch to

  • Establish whether the site should be upgraded or completely redeveloped.
  • Develop an online strategy, leading up the point of build. This includes needs analysis, best practice identification, benchmarking and strategy creation.
  • Benchmark a site, both to provide a marker against which to measure improvement and to identify relevant best practice within and outside the sector.
  • Identify best practice to find out how clients could better exploit the web. This is particularly relevant for companies where it is fast becoming a key part of strategy.
  • Provide ‘blue sky’ thinking to ensure the client is taking full advantage of future as well as current developments in the online world.
  • Sell the need for change ‘upwards’ in an organization, normally through presentations and drawing on other projects such as benchmarks for supporting evidence.

During redevelopment to

  • Monitor progress, by, for example, examining the site once it has reached ‘wireframe’ stage.
  • Run regular ‘light’ benchmarks to monitor redevelopment progress and to provide independently judged key performance indicators for the client.
  • Build balanced scorecard frameworks that will measure site effectiveness to help ensure goals are reached.


We facilitate networking through regular meetings for corporate website professionals and as the hub for our invitation only Club



After relaunch to

  • Run a benchmark to ensure the site matches up to its competitors and best practice and that it works as smoothly as it should. This may be standalone or as a follow-up to a pre-relaunch benchmark.
  • Manage balanced scorecards; providing visitor feedback, insight and recommendations.

At any time to

  • Tackle specific issues. For example, to find best practice in a particular area, to benchmark a particular section or to examine how well a particular issue is being tackled.
  • Carry out a ‘health check’ on a site, usually by using a benchmark.
  • Advise on web estate governance.
  • Facilitate contact between people with similar needs. We hold well-attended meetings for people responsible for corporate and other large websites, and act as a hub for networking via a private LinkedIn group. Network meetings are also held quarterly in Europe.

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