Audience research and measurement

Do you know who visits your website, what expectations they arrive with or what they do there? AND where that puts you against your peers?

The power of knowing what to ask

Audience research, usually via an online visitor survey, is the only way you can find out  who is visiting your site, why and whether they achieved their goals. No amount of user testing or web analytics will ever be able to tell you what real external stakeholders think. Nor will gut feelings or received wisdom.

Bowen Craggs has spent years perfecting an online research method tailored exclusively to corporate websites. Deployed across many global sites, we have collected more than half a million responses from corporate website visitors - this means we can also benchmark your results with very relevant peers.

A key part of what we offer is regular calls with our analytics team to discuss your results in-depth. This includes our expert recommendations and the opportunity to set custom research objectives for each quarter.

Survey demographics - visitor groupSurvey demographics - visit reason chartPerformance measures chart

Our dashboards provide valuable insights into user journeys and satisfaction

Data storytelling

'Data', often spoken about in abstract terms, should be helping to answer your questions. Clear answers to these questions inform the digital strategy, but also make internal stakeholder management more effective. For example, when the head of marketing says 'Customers don't come to the corporate website', how powerful would it be to be able to say with confidence, 'Yes they do. 20% of survey respondents are customers, and half of them come away unsatisfied which has resulted in a 10% increase in negative perceptions of our brand.'

Journey maps

Another recommended technique is mapping journeys to optimise site sections, audience goals, company goals, and for identifying key failure points. We build a storyboard of key web pages and interaction points - identified using data - define granular user objectives, provide the right metrics for monitoring performance, and recommendations for improvement.


We are often asked to give evidence for internal conversations and meetings, and to support business cases that build consensus among internal stakeholders whose needs are disparate, or even conflicting. We do this with proof points that are simple and intuitive and provide interpreation and context. Send us your ad-hoc questions at any time and we will try to answer them and give you the ammunition you need to win argumeents and make the right decisions.

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