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MiFID II: Rise of the websites?

Much has been written about MiFID II, the EU’s revamped Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, which comes into effect on January 3rd 2018. Andrew Rigby takes a look at the potential...

Google Analytics Benchmark 2017 – Trends and highlights, Part 2

We presented the Bowen Craggs Google Analytics Benchmark 2017 in a web meeting earlier this month. Here, in the second of two posts, Andrew Rigby looks at how to examine web analytics in context...

Explaining 'Explain yourself'

Our newly published 'Explain yourself' Index is designed to highlight the companies that are best at telling their stories online. David Bowen answers some questions on it.

Google Analytics Benchmark 2017 – Trends and highlights

Here, in the first of two posts (second to follow next week), Andrew Rigby gives the headline findings, including data for referral traffic, device usage and landing pages.

The five biggest performance gaps in corporate digital communications

Jason Sumner and Lisa Hayward share the five biggest performance gaps identified from interviews with corporate digital managers at 25 of the world's largest companies.

Should sustainability be a bigger part of your company’s online investment case?

Investors may be taking corporate social responsibility reporting more seriously. If this is true, corporate digital teams should consider adding relevant and targeted sustainability material to...

The tribulations of worldwide websites

Most large organizations need to serve local audiences online – but they also need to save money, says David Bowen. How can the two be reconciled?

Sites that turn heads

Too many corporate websites look eerily similar, says Scott Payton. But there are notable exceptions.

Taking a stand online

Does the corporate online response to the events of Charlottesville, Virginia signal a new approach to managing corporate reputations online? Jason Sumner asks.