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Heard the one about the scientist and the start-up?

A new enthusiasm for science and innovation stories is good news for corporate digital communicators, Jason Sumner says.

What are your challenges with… serving customers on corporate sites?

Jason Sumner, who facilitated the ‘challenges with serving customers on corporate sites’ 'talking table' at our annual conference in Lisbon three weeks ago, reports on the...

Corporate website usability: more vices…and some virtues

We again conducted user testing in partnership with the Bunnyfoot user experience (UX) consultancy at our Lisbon conference. Here, Andrew Rigby reports back on some familiar themes, along with...

Omni-channels, tag-mania and organizing closets – Quick takeaways from our annual conference

Digital managers from across the world gathered in Lisbon last week for Bowen Craggs’ annual Web Effectiveness Conference. Jason Sumner shares a few quick lessons from the event.

Why sites and social should take up the tango

Richard Branson is showing how Twitter feeds and websites can do each other a lot of good, David Bowen says.

Content strategy for the corporate web – answering three big challenges

While the proceedings of our recent Bowen Craggs Club meeting on content strategy are confidential, Jason Sumner shares three of the common problems that came up, as well as some of our advice...

What do 400,000 surveys tell us about your corporate website?

Our archive of corporate website visitor surveys, which we’ve been conducting for clients since 2011, continues to grow – to more than 425,000. We recently presented an update on...

A jobs quiz for millennials has lofty aims but poor execution

Vodafone’s new online tool for jobseekers, the ‘Future Jobs Finder’ is an interesting idea, but the way it is implemented may test jobseekers’ patience more than their...

Knowing when to say no and yes

Digital managers have no shortage of opportunities to adopt the latest piece of clever technology. How to tell which to go for, and which to avoid? By David Bowen.