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Podcasts : the past becomes the future

Once ignored as 'old technology', podcasts are now essential listening for hipsters as well as the rest of us. David Bowen explains why this bandwagon should keep rolling, and examines...

Getting people where they need to be

Jason Sumner looks at six of the best online directories for country sites, brand sites and social media

Explain Yourself and the Zeitgeist

A new edition of our Explain Yourself Index, focusing on US companies, has just been published. David Bowen explains why ‘explaining yourself’ makes such so much sense, and who is...

Cracking contact

Rich contact information can please website visitors and boost a company's reputation for transparency. Scott Payton visits eight corporate sites that make it exceptionally easy to get in...

Corporate videos online – seven of the best, two of the worst

Here, Jason Sumner provides a round-up of some of the best videos on the corporate web, and two that stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Facebook – Dark arts cast a shadow online

Facebook’s corporate online newsroom has shown an unusual willingness to tell the world what the company is doing to fight fake news and Russian trolls. Too bad the messages do not...

Is personalisation tailored to a corporate website’s needs?

Personalisation on corporate sites is not new. But it is currently very fashionable, with software vendors pushing their tailoring technology hard. Should web managers believe the hype? Scott...

What does digital comms think of chatbots?

Jason Sumner reveals what corporate digital communicators think about this much talked about emerging technology

Time to explain yourself again

Bowen Craggs will be publishing a new Explain Yourself Index in the New Year. David Bowen says it will mirror a shift in high profile companies’ approach to reputation management.