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A jobs quiz for millennials has lofty aims but poor execution

Vodafone’s new online tool for jobseekers, the ‘Future Jobs Finder’ is an interesting idea, but the way it is implemented may test jobseekers’ patience more than their...

Knowing when to say no and yes

Digital managers have no shortage of opportunities to adopt the latest piece of clever technology. How to tell which to go for, and which to avoid? By David Bowen.

Corporate values online: show, don’t tell

Company values pages can often seem an afterthought, rather than an opportunity to showcase what is unique about a company’s culture and turn it into a selling point. In the spirit of...

Top priorities for corporate digital managers in 2018

We asked 40 corporate digital teams what is on their to-do lists for the next year.

Who's top for what in the 2018 Bowen Craggs Index?

Scott Payton looks beyond the overall top-scorers to reveal the world's best companies in specific areas of online corporate communications.

Looping video on the corporate web – the best and the rest

In the past 12 months, the fashion for short, repeating videos on corporate sites has gone from unusual to mainstream. Jason Sumner highlights the best uses of this still emerging feature, and...

2018: The year of living unfashionably?

Too many companies follow fashion without asking why. Time for that to stop, says David Bowen

MiFID II: Rise of the websites?

Much has been written about MiFID II, the EU’s revamped Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, which comes into effect on January 3rd 2018. Andrew Rigby takes a look at the potential...

Google Analytics Benchmark 2017 – Trends and highlights, Part 2

We presented the Bowen Craggs Google Analytics Benchmark 2017 in a web meeting earlier this month. Here, in the second of two posts, Andrew Rigby looks at how to examine web analytics in context...