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RBC : Laying tracks around a PDF

Royal Bank of Canada has installed a simple but effective navigation system in its corporate citizenship report.

FIFA : Flagging country information

Elegant use of colour coding, photographs and flags make it easy for visitors to find material about national football teams.

Asda : Taking the guesswork out of passwords

Jobseekers and others who are frustrated by obscure password requirements can be helped if companies follow the example of supermarket chain Asda.

The British Royal Family : Making a royal mess of navigation

The marriage of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry received a lot of news coverage globally, but the Royal Family’s website is not without a hitch when it comes to navigation

AXA : Fiction in the spotlight

A French insurance group uses well-written, speculative scenarios to help visitors understand its business.

Apple : Subtle animation guides the eye

Key points and onward links are made more prominent and easier to find through elegant use of moving graphics.

Asda : Merger, what merger?

The UK supermarket's reluctance to talk openly about a major deal is likely to frustrate website visitors

Merck : A map to unexpected destinations

An interactive map provides quick access to local office contact information – but then frustratingly transports users away from it. 

LVMH : A virtual luxury?

A virtual reality annual report has flaws, but is worth watching