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Barclays Center : Accessibility add-on

An accessibility widget is a potentially useful shortcut for compliance, but the ideal approach is to build accessibility into the fabric of a site’s design

Merck : The non-scrolling home page

Merck, the US pharmaceuticals company, has a home page that neatly avoids scrolling on a computer screen, while allowing it on a mobile device

JPMorgan Chase : Encouraging jobseekers to pack their bags

Careers pages inspired by travel magazines effectively inform and enthuse potential recruits

Levi Strauss & Co : The wrong sort of 501

Levi Strauss & Co returned to the stock market recently, but its IR site was not dressed as properly as it could have been

Nike : An option to skip?

A 'Skip' button on a corporate video could be useful but is poorly implemented

Ford : Giving picture editors what they need

Ford’s Media Center provide a formidable choice of photos of its directors and executives

BNP Paribas : An online forum for jobseekers

A microsite that allows jobseekers to get thier questions answered by existing employees conveys the impression of a confident, open and innovative workplace. 

The Independent Group : Lacking visibility

A new UK political grouping launched in a blaze of publicity recently, but their website was left in the shadows

Alibaba : Skilful journalism makes corporate news engaging

The Chinese e-commerce giant’s corporate news microsite is likely to be useful for the professional media and interesting to general audiences