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Best (and worst) practice ‘snapshots’ from around the web, apps and social media, with our unique evaluation of their significance and value to online professionals working in corporate communications

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Nike : Presenting sustainability targets online

A colour-coded targets summary helps visitors see at a glance whether the company is on track with its sustainability goals.

Netflix : Zoom-style results videos offer breadth and depth

The US streaming giant’s detailed quarterly earnings video interviews provide a number of lessons for web managers and investor relations teams.

HSBC : Coordinated customer routing

Banking giant shows the power of a joined-up, user-centric approach to helping customers get in touch or log in

Pfizer : Clear language from the CEO

An online message from the CEO of the US-based pharmaceutical giant promises – and delivers – clarity on the timeline for a Covid-19 vaccine.

Glencore : Answering criticism openly

'Ask Glencore' is an example of a trend for companies to be more open about controversies on digital channels.

Apple : Grade A environmental report cards

Product-specific environmental report cards are clear, detailed and persuasive.

AXA : Clarity on diversity

The French insurance group's online inclusion and diversity section talks about the issues in accessible, clear language, avoiding corporate-speak.

Microsoft : Corporate governance at a glance

The US technology giant uses a simple online fact sheet to give visitors a clear overview of all governance metrics.

Heineken : Comprehensive financial library

Dutch brewer provides a single archive for all its financial publications, saving investors from having to piece together documents from different pages.