Take it from the UK regulator of communications services – one size does not fit all on social

Margot Fourcade. Margot is a young woman with dark curly hair and glasses. She is wearing a necklace and a dark shirt. Margot Fourcade | 22 Feb 2024
Ofcom's TikTok account

Ofcom's official TikTok account

I recently attended the Digital Comms Engagement conference in London where Tony Finnegan from Ofcom delivered a presentation that caught my attention. Tony emphasized the significance of tailoring content for individual social media platforms.

Delving into Ofcom's communications strategy was particularly enlightening. Given their extensive knowledge of various communication channels and compelling research, especially highlighted through their Online Nation reports, their approach stands out. 

Tony highlighted that Ofcom's strategy does not solely rely on this wealth of insights into social platforms. It is, instead, grounded in evaluating the performance of content based on themes, subjects, and formats. This approach is instrumental for Ofcom to not only delineate their audience on each channel, but also identify their interests, and pinpoint the most effective formats to engage them. 

In alignment with this approach, Ofcom executed a six-week content sprint when it launched a TikTok account. They monitored performance by theme and format, generating valuable evidence for refining their overarching content strategy. 

That one of the organisations with the most extensive insights into communication channels advocates for a more refined approach to analysing content performance is compelling. It underscores the importance of evaluating the performance of specific posts instead of relying on a generalised understanding of each channel, to truly understand what content and format work where and why.