Reinvigorating your digital company fact sheet

A white ampersand in a grey roundel. This team member has requested that we do not share their face online. Caterina Sorenti | 24 Jan 2024

Many companies have been refining their “At a Glance” pages or creating entirely new digital corporate fact sheets (rather than isolating information in PDFs), so key audiences can find accurate facts quickly. Your company’s online fact sheet should present information in a concise, visually engaging way, offering visitors a holistic snapshot. How can you distil your company information into a succinct and dynamic overview?

It is essential to present these high-level, yet comprehensive corporate overviews in an easy-to-read way, while also ensuring there are clear onward signposts to more information for those who want it. Fact sheets should contain strategic messaging, but this does not mean they can’t be fun (by integrating interesting formatting or people-focused imagery). Here are four of the best online fact sheets.

1. Diageo’s “At a Glance” page

Fun imagery of employees holding beverages

Diageo's At a Glance summary is a mix of light-hearted and detailed information

Diageo’s “At a Glance” page does an excellent job of explaining the company in a light but fact-rich way, offering highlights into the number of employees, production sites as well as a neat brand overview. The accompanying imagery is engaging, showcasing the people at the company as well as their product offering, which feels appropriate for the beverage sector. 

2. Unilever’s “At a Glance” page

Unilever fact sheet article

The grid makes statistics easily legible

Unilever offer a different visual format to most online fact sheets. A grid view of high-level company facts and statistics sets out the information in an easy-to-read and vibrant way, incorporating company colours and key messaging such as “powered by our people”. While the amount of information is significant, the choice of formatting makes it appear more succinct. 

3. AstraZeneca’s “Our Company” page

AstraZeneca neatly lay out their strategy summaries in bullet point lists

AstraZeneca's bullet-point lists makes information compact

AstraZeneca’s “Our Strategy” summary manages to condense high-level company information in neat bullet-point lists, which are far easier to read than blocks of corporate copy. The use of fun graphics adds a visual aid, and the clear language sets out the company’s strategic goals clearly for all visitors.

4. onsemi’s online “Corporate Fact Sheet”

onsemi fact sheet article

onsemi's online fact sheet offers information for all visitor groups

onsemi’s “Corporate Fact Sheet” is great at providing a holistic company overview for almost all stakeholder groups, including financial charting for investors. There are also clear onward signposts to deeper information about each topic covered, for those who want to delve into more detail, which is both functional and convenient.