Bowen Craggs Index Movers and Improvers

A white ampersand in a grey roundel. This team member has requested that we do not share their face online. Caterina Sorenti | 20 Nov 2023

This year’s Bowen Craggs Index Snapshot showcased how important it is to commit to continuously improving your corporate digital communications.

Our Index Snapshot showcased a number of companies who moved up the Bowen Craggs Index, due to innovative approaches and improvements to key aspects of their communications. Though not all of them are in the top 10 or even the top 25 of the Index, they have made a commitment to constantly evolving their corporate digital communications, and demonstrably improved their messaging and services for stakeholder groups. 

Here is a selection of movers, their ranking, and the reasons for their success.

Aviva: Best practice service for individual shareholders


Aviva’s “Welcome to Shareholder Services”

The company improved its overall score by two points and moved to joint 9th in the Index. The company achieves a best practice score particularly for the way it serves private shareholders. This audience will appreciate the “Welcome” page, with a video and quick links to useful information and resources.

SAP: Demonstrating an inclusive workplace

Positive headlines for jobseekers include "Build breakthroughs with SAP"

SAP’s “Careers” section, with encouraging headlines for jobseekers

SAP's vast online presence is stronger than ever in a range of areas, and the company places 14th in the Index. Highlights include extremely deep and engagingly presented information to inform and enthuse jobseekers - and to convey an impression of a supportive, inclusive workplace. Plus, it has rich, clear ESG performance data, provided alongside financial data, in HTML and Excel format for investment and sustainability professionals.

Equinor: Building a reputation for responsibility

The "Sustainability" page shows a scenic landscape

Equinor’s focus on sustainability-related messaging

Equinor’s rise to 17th in the Index was underpinned by a best practice score in the metric for “building a reputation for responsibility”. Discussions around the company’s strategy, performance and culture are almost always framed within the context of its mission to provide sustainable energy, and the company does not shy away from communicating its stance related to oil and gas production. 

Eni: A corporate website from the future 

There are a range of tabs, striking images and rich information

Eni’s internal search retains its excellent filters and results listing

Three years after a major relaunch, the latest version of (ranked at joint-20th in the Index) continues to feel like a corporate website from the future. Perhaps most striking is the approach to on-site search. Many companies neglect this area of functionality, but we know from our visitor research that audiences value and use this tool. Eni has also introduced a sleek new company history feature and continued to add engaging stories and information to an already rich corporate website. 

Roche: Excelling in “Stories” and “Innovation”  


Roche have prioritised their “Stories” section this year

Roche has excellent "Stories" and "Innovation" sections and this year they improved in metrics for visual effectiveness, sustainability reporting and showcasing employees. Employees are featured particularly in story content, and social channels such as Instagram and YouTube spotlight them through videos and campaigns.