Barclays : Innovative editorial ideas to promote workplace culture

A white ampersand in a grey roundel. This team member has requested that we do not share their face online. Caterina Sorenti | 18 Oct 2022

Barclay's corporate digital estate uses employee voices to show the company's support for diversity and inclusion

The magazine-style stories in the Careers section of the Barclays corporate web presence focus on employee voices and experiences to show the company’s positive working environment and a social conscience. This messaging is also well-promoted on the home page. 

There are a number of editorial ideas that corporate digital managers can adapt for their own diversity and inclusion communications for both employees and jobseekers. 

One glance at the panel of articles demonstrates diversity in action, with articles from a range of employees with diverse backgrounds.  

Barclays uses various magazine-style formats and content ideas to stay current and engaging; including employee bylined articles and interviews. The serialised ‘Letter to My Younger Self’ format, for example, is easily repeatable and allows employees freedom to recount authentic workplace experiences.  

A central strength of this editorial content is the inclusion of direct employee speech. For example, “Being awarded an MBE is mind-blowing” and “For me, it is never about numbers – it’s about people”.  

Tags are used well too. ‘Culture’, ‘Multicultural’ and ‘Gender’, written in Barclays’ signature blue, help organize the content, but also signpost the core values to jobseekers and employees.