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Apple : A thoughtful recap of key points

A summary at the bottom of a long product information page helps users to digest complex information.  

Netflix : Selling the company internationally

A well-executed video on LinkedIn features Europe-based employees discussing whether the US headquarters makes all the decisions.

Coca Cola : Virtual agent falls flat

Interactive Q&A feature shows the dangers of a poorly executed chatbot

Walmart : Walmart's careful home page tweaks

Few companies are thinking as hard as Walmart about what a home page is for - and how to make it work on both computers and mobile phones.

Takeda : A CEO's biography buries the news

Media stories help to humanise the CEO of a Japan-based pharmaceutical company, but they are not linked from his biography on the corporate website.

BP : The best and worst of graphics

BP manages to get its formats right and wrong in the same story.

Bosch : Expert profiles

Skilfully written and presented profiles effectively introduce the scientists and engineers at the German engineering company.

Deutsche Telekom : Chatbot-style answers to common questions

An automated FAQs generator effectively saves a company money and its website users time

Aviva : Corporate values in the real world

The UK-based insurance company illustrates its corporate values online by using relevant examples and engaging videos.