Visitor research

Understanding your visitors and their goals

Our visitor research subscription is a powerful decision-making tool that will save you time and money, and help you present a strong case to internal stakeholders. Our visitor survey builds an accurate view of who uses your online estate and why.

Our clients use this information to:

  • Confidently dispel incorrect assumptions about who visits the company website

  • Convince decision-makers and educate colleagues using evidence

  • Discover opportunities to serve your audiences better

  • Investigate whether company communications goals are being achieved 


How we do it

There is no better way to assess whether you are getting your messages across and serving your audiences effectively than to ask your visitors directly. Our online surveys have been honed and perfected over many years. They are privacy compliant, mobile friendly and designed to the best user experience standards, as demonstrated by our 75% completion rate for those who start the survey. Other benefits include:

  • Tracking essential performance indicators such as goal achievement, brand perception and Net Promoter Score®

  • Customisable interactive dashboards

  • Standardised questions across our client-base allows you to anonymously compare your performance against peers


Delivering your visitor research subscription

Your customised Tableau dashboard

Each survey runs continuously, and clients can access their visitor research data at any time. Our in-house experts summarise the highlights in customised interactive dashboards using Tableau (the market leading business intelligence tool).

Direct contact with our visitor research consultants

Our visitor research subscribers have regular calls with our experts to discuss, and gain insight into, results. Our team is also available at any time for ad-hoc questions and to help you provide data-driven evidence for internal conversations.

Find out more

Contact us to discuss how a visitor research subscription can help your business.

Contact: Dan Drury, Chief Commercial Officer