Unique challenges

Why is the corporate digital landscape so complex?

Corporate digital communications teams must balance the needs of different audience groups, internal stakeholders and multiple channels.

Diverse visitor groups

Online estates serve multiple audiences. As a result, they must be broad, deep and multi-functional. Organizations need to know who visits their digital channels and why, in order to prioritise improvements and ensure visitors are well-served. The only way to build an accurate picture is to ask visitors directly.

Numerous channels

Customers, jobseekers, journalists, investors and other audiences interact with organizations on multiple channels. Knowing where companies can best reach their audience, and where their audience expects them to be, changes over time and differs across sectors. Country presences and brand channels complicate the picture. 

Internal stakeholders

Online estates also serve internal stakeholders who have their own ideas, advisors, agendas and messages. Digital corporate communicators must construct a coherent message that prioritises the needs of external audiences, while maintaining the support of colleagues and senior leaders. 


How can digital teams address these challenges?

Our clients successfully balance the needs of their visitors and internal stakeholders through a combination of:

  • Visitor surveys - There is no better way to assess whether you are getting your messages across and serving your audiences effectively. When done properly, surveys are a powerful decision-making tool that will save time and money, and help you present a strong case to internal stakeholders.

  • Benchmarking - We annually review the world’s top-performing corporate digital channels to produce the Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence - established as the most credible global ranking of large corporate online estates. Combined with our visitor research programme, which has gathered over 750,000 survey responses from a wide range of companies, this allows us to provide a realistic benchmark of your online estate against industry peers and best practice.

  • Advice from our experts - Our experienced analysts help our clients to accurately interpret measurements from their digital channels and provide advice on a wide range of digital projects. We do not build websites, and we are not affiliated with other service providers so that our advice remains impartial.

  • Advice from peers - The Bowen Craggs Club is an exclusive professional network for digital corporate communicators. Club members discuss projects and learn from each other in an informal setting. Club members also benefit from regular events hosted by our team, which include guest presentations from leading digital communicators and technical experts.

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