Acting as advisor at every stage

We have been brought in at four stages of a web presence’s lifecycle: before a major relaunch; during redevelopment; after relaunch; and at any time to tackle specific issues or measure effectiveness against peers.

Before relaunch to

  • Establish whether the site should be upgraded or completely redeveloped.
  • Develop an online strategy, leading up the point of build. This includes needs analysis, best practice identification, benchmarking and strategy creation.
  • Benchmark a site, both to provide a marker against which to measure improvement and to identify relevant best practice within and outside the sector.
  • Identify best practice to find out how clients could better exploit the web. This is particularly relevant for companies where it is fast becoming a key part of strategy.
  • Provide ‘blue sky’ thinking to ensure the client is taking full advantage of future as well as current developments in the online world.
  • Sell the need for change ‘upwards’ in an organization, normally through presentations and drawing on other projects such as benchmarks for supporting evidence.

During redevelopment to

  • Monitor progress, by, for example, examining the site once it has reached ‘wireframe’ stage.
  • Run regular ‘light’ benchmarks to monitor redevelopment progress and to provide independently judged key performance indicators for the client.
  • Build balanced scorecard frameworks that will measure site effectiveness to help ensure goals are reached.

We facilitate networking through regular meetings for corporate website professionals and as the hub for a private LinkedIn group.

After relaunch to

  • Run a benchmark to ensure the site matches up to its competitors and best practice and that it works as smoothly as it should. This may be standalone or as a follow-up to a pre-relaunch benchmark.
  • Manage balanced scorecards; providing visitor feedback, insight and recommendations.

At any time to

  • Tackle specific issues. For example, to find best practice in a particular area, to benchmark a particular section or to examine how well a particular issue is being tackled.
  • Carry out a ‘health check’ on a site, usually by using a benchmark.
  • Advise on web estate governance.
  • Facilitate contact between people with similar needs. We hold well-attended meetings for people responsible for corporate and other large websites, and act as a hub for networking via a private LinkedIn group. Network meetings are also held quarterly in Europe.

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