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Our services are designed for a range of needs, from devising a strategy for your online communications to peer group comparisons and audience research

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We think we have produced a pretty good website but want an independent assessment of its strengths and weaknesses

Our basic service is to benchmark your site and include it in the Bowen Craggs Online effectiveness database, to which you then have access. This allows you to compare yourselves with your peers and the best corporate performers in many different ways. Each benchmark is a piece of consultancy – we spend at least 40 hours matching what you are doing against what we think you could be doing in all key areas. We can complement this with an external view provided by an online survey on your site – an easy and credible way to find out about your visitors.

We know our site could be better and want to see how can we improve it

We conduct a detailed analysis of your site, include recommendations and point to best practice – a highly cost-effective piece of consultancy that includes direct comparison with the companies in the Bowen Craggs Online effectiveness database. For an outside view we can also provide a ‘dashboard’, which presents the combined results of an online survey and your own site analytics in a simple regular report.

We are not sure what to do online

We have a full consultancy service that will help you develop an online strategy from scratch, using a variety of well-tested techniques including benchmarking, internal and external stakeholder interviews, best practice identification, online surveys, investigation of web analytics and the application of our own experience and expertise. We do no tell you what to do: our emphasis is on helping you understand what to do – our projects will normally include workshops to transfer our knowledge.

Bowen Craggs has provided tailored advice on social media, advised on annual reports, developed web governance structures and helped evolve an online reputation management strategy

We have identified specific issues where we need help

Talk to us. Recently, for example, we have provided tailored advice on social media, advised on annual reports, developed web governance structures and helped evolve an online reputation management strategy. In each case we are able to exploit our unrivalled experience and knowledge of best practice. We can also draw on our network of online managers – often the best approach is to ask people who are facing the same issues.

We need to measure the effectiveness of our online activities

Several of the tools we deploy, including benchmarking, online surveys and analytics, can be brought together to provide a credible measurement strategy. We are also able to offer more sophisticated services, including measurement in financial terms.

We want a transparent fee structure

We charge at a day rate, with a price quoted and fixed in advance. The exception is for subscriber access to our database, which is at a set price. 

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