Expert benchmarking

Prioritise the right things, save reworking costs and avoid mistakes

Bowen Craggs has been reviewing and benchmarking the world’s biggest companies’ online channels since 2007. Our Index has been published in the Financial Times, Forbes and many other publications around the world.

Benchmarking against the top 200

We review the online estates (corporate websites, related social channels and apps – across all devices) of the world’s 200 largest companies to identify the leaders and all aspects of best practice.

Detailed analysis, step-by-step recommendations and best practice

Our reviews highlight the strengths and weaknesses, metric-by-metric, of your group’s online presence compared to a wide selection of peer companies from most sectors and geographies. It is a credible and globally recognised method that provides realistic benchmarking with peers, detailed analysis, recommendations for improvement and best practice. You also gain access to our subscription database which offers our original research, trends, best practice tips and thought leadership, plus a direct line to our experts.

Expert consulting

Expert consulting often forms part of the package with our benchmarking reviews. Independent advice that helps you decide which way to move forward, saving time and reducing the risk of costly mistakes. Consultant time is reserved for targeted recommendations prioritised from the full report and in consultation with you. Often also used for design reviews, strategy review, agency briefings, content strategy, content audit, competitive insight, governance advice, and meetings with digital teams and stakeholders.

Social media audit

Our general benchmarking package includes an evaluation of social media channels as part of a company’s overall digital communications effectiveness. We also offer a deeper analysis of social media effectiveness, the social media audit. We evaluate each channel for content quality, content sharing and joined-up strategy across all channels and the corporate site; and alignment with the company’s reputation strategy. Social media audits include a scorecard, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, recommendations for improvement and best practice examples.

Alex Knigge, Head of digital corporate communications, marketing and brand at Emirates, writing on the value of benchmarking on Econsultancy (See point 6)

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