A clear baseline for digital progress

Our benchmarking subscription provides an in-depth analysis of your current online estate and its performance against peers and industry best practice. This provides our clients with a clear baseline in order to:

  • Prioritise team actions and set goals

  • Plan and maintain continuous improvement initiatives

  • Convince decision makers and educate colleagues about the benefits of digital projects

  • Identify and target improvements for each of your online audiences

How we do it

For nearly twenty years, we’ve been reviewing the online estates of the world’s 200 largest companies to identify the leaders in digital corporate communications. The results are published annually in the Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence, which is established as the most credible global ranking of large corporate online estates.

The details of each review are held in our database, which allows clients to compare individual company performance against a wide range of peers and industry best practice. Clients with an active Bowen Craggs visitor survey can also compare the results of their visitor feedback against companies with similar profiles. 

We use standardised metrics to assess and score the following areas of your company’s digital ‘estate’:
  • Construction - navigation, orientation, accessibility and integration of all digital channels

  • Message - what messages do your online channels convey to visitors? Is company information detailed and easy to find?

  • Contact - is it easy for all key audience groups to contact your company?

  • Serving society - an in-depth look at the quality of responsibility and sustainability information across your digital channels

  • Serving investors - how well does your online presence cater to fund managers, financial analysts and individual investors?

  • Serving media - can journalists easily find relevant news, press releases and background material?

  • Serving jobseekers and employees - does your website and social media channels provide a good experience for jobseekers and are your employees represented effectively?

  • Serving customers - our research shows that customers are visiting corporate channels, will they easily find what they are looking for?

Delivering your benchmarking subscription

The majority of our clients subscribe to an annual benchmarking review, which they use to plan and prioritise work across their digital channels. We deliver the following:

  • An in person (or online) meeting where we present the results of each review and answer any questions

  • A detailed written report containing our full analysis of your online estate and recommendations that can be shared internally

  • A set number of flexible consulting days that can be used to further explore challenges and opportunities revealed in our review, or for ad-hoc support on digital projects throughout the year – see our consulting page for examples of how clients use this time

  • Access to a customised interactive dashboard in our database where you can view your reports and assess performance against a wide range of other companies (see below image)

Find out more

Contact us to discuss how our benchmarking subscription can help your team.

Contact: Dan Drury, Chief Commercial officer