What we do

We review. We measure. We advise. To make your website and social media channels better for your business and your customers

Services to improve your online effectiveness

Bowen Craggs & Co helps large organizations maximise the effectiveness of their websites and other online tools, using techniques that we have refined over the past 15 years. We work with each client to tailor a range of services appropriate to their specific circumstances. 


We review:

  • Corporate websites
  • Marketing websites
  • Use of social media channels
  • Your plans and strategies
  • Use of digital for specific activities
  • Mock-ups and wireframes during a rebuild


We measure:

  • Your website against peers and best practice
  • Who is visiting and how happy they are
  • How well your site meets your business goals
  • How your site's visitor profile compares with others
  • How your site has improved - or not
  • Post-launch versus pre-launch websites


We advise:

  • On digital strategy
  • On content strategy
  • How to improve your websites
  • How to improve your use of social media
  • How to manage your sites and channels
  • Whether your agency is doing the right things
  • On priorities and what you don't need to do



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Help me choose

Match your needs against our services


Our professional online effectiveness research programme informs strategic and tactical decision-making

Subscription database

An exclusive source of in depth expert analysis to inform online improvement initiatives though our online tool

Strategic consulting

Defining and implementing business strategies

IR service

Get an Online IR health check that identifies strengths and weaknesses and provides tailored recommendations for improvement


Divining who your online audiences are, what they want, and how you're performing both on your site and relative to your peers