Technology and the future of digital corporate communications: What platforms are your peers using?

Lisa Hayward and Jason Sumner share results from recent research on technology being used now, give an insight into digital communicators’ plans for the future and show how the Club helped a member manage the expectations of a senior manager.

Current technology tools and platforms

A recent Bowen Craggs Club survey asked which tools members were currently using for content management, analytics and digital quality management.


Which content management system (CMS) do you use?


Sitecore and Adobe Experience Manager are the most popular large brands among Bowen Craggs Club members, and have grown in popularity over the last 12 months; but more of our members are also using smaller, more bespoke CMS applications.


Which analytics platform do you use?


The most popular analytics platform is the free version of Google Analytics, with 37 respondents using it. The use of both the free and paid versions of Google Analytics is growing amongst Bowen Craggs Club members, whilst there has been less growth over the last year in the numbers using Adobe Analytics.


Which digital quality management (DQM) tool do you use?


Almost half of our respondents are not using a DQM tool, citing lack of budget or lack of resources to manage it. The two most popular tools are Crownpeak and Sitemorse.

Future technology tools

Bowen Craggs recently conducted a short survey of Club members asking about emerging technology tools – whether they are in use now, or if there are plans to implement. We received 32 responses:

  • Personalisation: Five implemented, 20 with plans
  • Bots: Three implemented, 15 with plans
  • Artificial intelligence: Two implemented, 12 with plans
  • Messaging: Two implemented, 10 with plans
  • Voice: One implemented, eight with plans
  • Augmented reality: Three implemented, four with plans
  • Virtual reality: None implemented, five with plans

Quick poll – how long does it take to do a corporate website redesign?

One of our members was being asked by senior managers to set a six-month time-frame for a corporate website redesign (a global site with at least three levels of navigation and hundreds of pages). We asked Bowen Craggs Club members about how much time their most recent corporate website redesign took.


The results of our quick poll showed that no one in the Bowen Craggs Club said the process would take less than six months. Only 11 per cent said it would take between six and nine months. Forty-three per cent said it take 12 to 18 months and nearly 20 per cent said it took longer than 18 months.

- Lisa Hayward and Jason Sumner

The Bowen Craggs Club is an invitation-only network for leaders in digital corporate communications at the world’s biggest organizations. For more information visit our Club page.

First published 07 August, 2019
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