Chart of the week – Large audiences for Covid-19 pages

Coronavirus response pages were among the most visited on corporate websites during March and April.


Source: Bowen Craggs Web Analytics Benchmark

We investigated how coronavirus communications are performing for members of the Bowen Craggs Web Analytics Benchmark, a group of 21 companies which share their Google Analytics data on an anonymous basis. We looked at the most popular pages on three sites across March and April, when many countries were moving into lockdown. The three companies we looked at were in the pharmaceutical, energy and consumer goods sectors.

Key points:

  • Covid-19 response pages were among the most visited pages during March and April for these companies
  • For one of our three selected participants, in the pharma sector, Covid-19 response pages accounted for 9% of unique page views
  • For two other companies, 4% of unique page views (or nearly one in 20) related to Covid-19
  • The analytics shows that Covid-19 pages for employees were highly visited, as were pages about the impact on markets and investors
  • Other companies in our analytics benchmark saw Covid-19 pages among their top 10 most visited pages in the middle of April, but by the beginning of May, some had slipped in relative popularity, when newly published annual report pages pushed Covid-19 pages down the list

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First published 12 May, 2020
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