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Five budget-friendly ways to improve the contact provision on your corporate website

Scott Payton lists quick and cost-effective steps to make it easier for your key audience groups to get their questions answered online. 

What we like about... Verizon's corporate digital communications

Verizon is the first US-based company to break into the global top 10 of the Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence. Jason Sumner explores what digital teams can learn from the American...

Five budget-friendly ways to communicate your company’s roles and goals

Scott Payton suggests quick and cost-effective steps for explaining your organization’s mission more effectively online. 

Chart of the week – Large audiences for Covid-19 pages

Coronavirus response pages were among the most visited on corporate websites during March and April.

Five budget-friendly ways to improve navigation and usability

Scott Payton suggests quick and low-cost steps for making your corporate website easier to navigate.

Corporate social media and coronavirus – should your CEO be on Instagram?

In this era of global social distancing, an active CEO presence on social media is increasingly valuable. Jonathan Holt shares lessons and best practice for company leaders in the current crisis...

Coronavirus communications online: our latest recommendations and best practice

Scott Payton harvests lessons and ideas from the ongoing response to the Covid-19 pandemic on corporate digital channels

Coronavirus communication online – best practice so far

Here are key elements of effective corporate coronavirus communication, based on a snapshot of how the world’s biggest companies are explaining their responses to this global crisis via...

Chart of the week - Customers, reputation and the corporate website

Global executives say that customers are the most important stakeholders when it comes to shaping a company's reputation - but do they know how many customers visit the corporate website and...