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Is it time to turn your digital corporate communications inside out?

The leaders in the Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence 2020, published today, are pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable to share with the outside world, says Jason Sumner.

SEO, trust and the visitor mindset

Search engine optimisation increasingly reflects editorial best practice, says Jason Sumner

Which companies are best at communicating about climate change on digital channels?

Under pressure from investors, employees, customers and other stakeholders, large companies are becoming more sophisticated about talking about climate change on digital channels. Claire...

Make 'news', not stories?

Coca-Cola has retired its ‘Journey’ website and re-framed its storytelling as ‘news’. It’s an approach that more companies should consider, says Jonathan Holt.

Chart of the week – Mobile gains more ground on desktop

The convergence of mobile and desktop access to corporate websites continues, according to the latest Google Analytics Benchmark data from Bowen Craggs.

Five budget-friendly ways to improve the contact provision on your corporate website

Scott Payton lists quick and cost-effective steps to make it easier for your key audience groups to get their questions answered online. 

What we like about... Verizon's corporate digital communications

Verizon is the first US-based company to break into the global top 10 of the Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence. Jason Sumner explores what digital teams can learn from the American...

Five budget-friendly ways to communicate your company’s roles and goals

Scott Payton suggests quick and cost-effective steps for explaining your organization’s mission more effectively online. 

Chart of the week – Large audiences for Covid-19 pages

Coronavirus response pages were among the most visited on corporate websites during March and April.