JPMorgan Chase : Encouraging jobseekers to pack their bags

Careers pages inspired by travel magazines effectively inform and enthuse potential recruits

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The feature

The Careers site for JPMorgan Chase has an About Us section with a sub-section titled 'Locations'.

A set of graphic panels on the Locations landing page promote 'Featured Locations' in which the New York headquartered investment bank operates. These include Bournemouth in the UK, Wilmington in the UK, Bengalaru in India as well as Warsaw, Hong Kong and other capital citires.

Each location has a dedicated page written and presented in a style similar to that of a travel magazine article. Elements on each page include:

- Engaging headlines - for example, for Bournemouth: 'A beach town that means business: work and play on Britain's Jurassic Coast.'

- Panels that highlight the key attractions of the location in question - such as 'Wake up your taste buds: from fine dining to popular local dishes, like hummus and Shakshuka, the dining culture of Tel Aviv and Herzliya has never been more exciting'.

- A gallery of large captioned images of the location, each highlighting a benefit of living and working in it.

- Links to more details of specific roles and departments in the location.

- Buttons leading to local vacancy information for both 'students' and 'professionals'.

The takeaway

Many companies' careers pages work hard at selling the benefits of working inside a particular organization. But few do as much as JPMorgan Chase to sell the attractions of living in the locations in which a firm operates.

By borrowing elements from travel magazines, JPMorgan Chase has created a simple but effective format for informing and enthusing internationally-minded potential recruits about opportunities the firm offers around the world.

This approach also has the benefit of communicating the company's international reach and cosmopolitan culture.

The provision of prominent links to tailored local vacancy information on these pages ensures that jobseekers have clear onward routes if the magazine-style material has whetted their appetites.
First published 01 April, 2019
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