The Walt Disney Company : Easy route to hard CSR data

The US entertainment giant makes it exceptionally simple for users to find a comprehensive table of non-financial performance data

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The feature

The Walt Disney Company’s corporate site has a primary section titled ‘Environment’. 
On click, users are taken to a landing page with a prominent link to a ‘2017 CSR Update’ PDF, visible without the need to scroll on a standard desktop monitor. 
Clicking this link leads to a PDF with a list of links to six language versions of the CSR Update. Each of these has a clearly presented, hyperlinked contents page, with ‘Data Table & Footnotes’ included in the contents options.
Clicking this option leads to a comprehensive table of non-financial performance data for the last three years across a wide range of metrics, including emissions, philanthropy, employee diversity and supply chain ethics. 
The PDF also includes a comprehensively hyperlinked GRI Index and an overview of CSR performance against targets.

The takeaway

Like many major US companies, Disney is increasing its efforts to communicate its CSR performance. While its online presentation of this issue is not sophisticated, it is effective in three ways.
First, CSR performance data is exceptionally prominently signposted. Second, the use of hyperlinks in the PDF CSR report makes it easy for users to jump to specific information. Third, Disney aggregates top-line performance of a good depth across multiple metrics in a single table.
The provision of this data in downloadable Excel format, the inclusion of information on performance against targets in the aggregated table, would make Disney’s strong provision even better – as would an overhaul of the Disney corporate site’s flawed navigation system
First published 14 August, 2018
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