Netflix : Zoom-style results videos offer breadth and depth

The US streaming giant’s detailed quarterly earnings video interviews provide a number of lessons for web managers and investor relations teams.

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The feature

The Quarterly Earnings section of Netflix’s Investors website includes ‘Video Interview’ links alongside signposts to more conventional results materials for each quarter, such as financial statements.
On click of one of these links, users are taken to the ‘Netflix Investor Relations’ channel on the YouTube site.
Here, they can watch video ‘earnings interviews’ for every quarter back to Q2 2013.
Each video is approximately 40 minutes long. The latest (Q3 2020) video is introduced by the vice president for investor relations. Interview questions are posed by a Barclays Capital investment analyst and answered by four Netflix senior executives – the company’s two co-CEOs, the chief financial officer and the chief operating officer.
Recent interviews were conducted remotely, with most participants taking part from their homes. 
Most of Netflix’s video interviews from the last few years have each attracted more than 20,000 views, with one video (Q3 2019) attracting nearly a quarter of a million views. 

The takeaway

Netflix’s video earnings interviews have a number of strengths.
First, at 40 minutes long, they go into greater depth than most companies’ quarterly results video commentaries.
Second, employing a third-party analyst to ask the questions conveys an impression of objectivity, at least in terms of the line of questioning.
Third, by including multiple executives in the videos, Netflix is able to bring different perspectives to the commentary and analysis – and cover a range of issues in depth as well as breadth.
Finally, unlike some other companies, Netflix has not let coronavirus lockdowns get in the way of producing its results video interviews: the ‘Zoom call’ style videos produced since the onset of the pandemic lack the polish of a studio production, but their value to investors and analysts is undiminished.
If Netflix embedded these videos within the results archive of its Investors site rather than stored them solely on the YouTube site, this useful provision would be even stronger.
First published 24 November, 2020
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