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A pharmaceutical uses a video Q&A on social media to explain a senior role and attract candidates.

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The feature

Roche, the Swiss healthcare giant, is recruiting for a head of public relations. The company published a video on YouTube this month, in which a member of the ‘Talent and Acquisitions’ team at Roche interviews James Woodhouse, Roche’s director communications, about the role.

In the five-minute video, Mr Woodhouse describes the role, the kind of person they are looking for (eg, someone who can help manage controversies and be an ‘ethical compass’), practical details such as the size of team that will need managing; and opportunities for career progression.

The video is housed on Roche’s YouTube channel, and we saw it promoted on Roche’s LinkedIn and Facebook careers feeds. At the end of the video, candidates are invited to send ‘video applications’ via a link on the corporate website.

The takeaway

Roche’s YouTube recruitment video is innovative use of the online channel to ‘sell’ the idea of working for Roche and the specific role on offer.

When used in this way, video is an effective way to go beyond a written job description – giving jobseekers a fuller description of the role and opportunities in the organization; as well as to introduce the culture and their potential boss.

The five-minute length seems about right – it might be too long for other corporate videos, but in this case, interested candidates are likely to watch until the end. Candidates will also have a better idea of the tone they should take in their own video applications.
First published 12 April, 2017
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