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'Timelines' enrich job profiles and endorse the employer.

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The feature

Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD), Canada-based banking and financial services group, includes daily insights into a range of activities as part of its careers profiles.

TD includes a Jobs Profiles sub-section in Careers that covers eight areas of operation (for example, Insurance, Corporate Office). Each has on its landing page links to job types (for example, Total loss claims analyst) under the heading ‘A day in the life…’. The links lead to ‘employee timelines’ showing ‘how their days unfold’. A timeline is headed by a photograph of the employee and their brief summary of what their job involves; below are expand/contract buttons for four times of day, each of which shows a preview line as the default view (for example, ‘My day begins with retrieving…’), with the full diary note viewable on click.

The timeline sits below a photo index of other profiles for the department that can be browsed or filtered by ‘employee type’. A timeline is also included in the separate Video Stories feature within Job Profiles. The videos are embedded to-camera monologues with running sub-titles.

The takeaway

TD has put together a strong job profile section that is centred on a distinctive and appealing ‘timeline’ format for its ‘A day in the life’ feature. Along with the visibility, volume and variety of profiles, and the integration of timelines in the video testimonials, it suggests the bank is well aware of the powerful endorsement this kind of assistance presents to jobseekers. As prospective employees themselves they value – but too often aren’t offered – the extra and individual insight that profiles can add to the picture they are trying to build of what a particular role involves and of the organisation that is offering it.

At their best, profiles go beyond the job specification that comes with a vacancy listing or the generalisations of career path options to give potential applicants a ‘feel’ for the company as well as for the work rhythms of a given role. For college students and new graduates, whose knowledge of the world of work is necessarily limited, descriptions of a typical working day are particularly useful.
First published 12 June, 2014
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