Adidas  : Varying value

Inconsistent displays undermine confidence in time-sensitive information.

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The feature

Adidas, Germany based sports goods company, is unable to deliver consistent results in a universal share price indicator.

Adidas’ group site has a universal share price indicator at the top right of pages showing the up-to-date value and movement up or down on the current day (for example, 75.2 v1.65). On site launch the information in the indicator can differ according to the browser/device being used, with, for example, variations between Firefox/Mozilla and Safari and between both of those and the iPad version.

The indicator is linked to a multi-functional share price tool in the Investors section that includes the most recent price update and change in value. The data here mirrors that in the indicator at the top of the page in Firefox but not if viewed in Safari or on iPad.

The takeaway

Share price indicators are less of a universal fixture on group/corporate sites than in the days before companies began to worry that an emphasis on such content was making them look too market-fixated in the eyes of the world. And their value is, frankly, negligible to much of the investor audience – professionals have far more useful and immediate options to hand (no time delays, for example, as on corporate sites). Still, so long as Adidas continues to feature an indicator on all pages it serves no one well if the information displayed at any given moment is dependent on the device or browser on which it is being viewed.

Whether the root cause of the variation in displays is in the share price feed or poor browser/device optimisation of the site, it is a good point at which to begin a search for the cause of the problem. If the former, questions need to be asked of the third-party provider of the tool; if the latter, then the site designer should get the call.
First published 17 April, 2014
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