10gen : Using words not bullets

Text on a home-page carousel enables intelligent navigation of options.

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The Site

10gen, a US-based open source database company, enables intelligent navigation of the topics in its home-page content feature. 10gen uses a central carousel on its home page to display images and links to product information and specific content within the site. A set of four slides is phased automatically, changing every 10 seconds or so. The sequence can be overridden from a bar at the base of the carousel that displays the titles of all four slides. The story currently showing is highlighted in white; users can navigate the features by clicking on the headlines.

The Takeaway

Carousels carrying featured content are a common element of corporate home pages these days, with an abundance of variants. However, the one on 10gen’s home page gives somewhat more help to browsers than do many others. The difference hinges on the use of text as opposed to bullets, thumbnail images or any other visual indicator for the content menu. This allows the panel to offer an initial preview (however limited) of the features not currently on display that is not available if only bullet points or thumbnails are used. Users can thus navigate the options quickly and more efficiently – either to browse or to go directly to the content they wish to see.

First published 21 February, 2012
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