BASF : Useful guidance in a social directory

The German chemicals giant provides jobseekers with clear and distinct reasons for following its presence on each social media channel.

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The feature

The Careers section of BASF’s corporate website contains a ‘BASF on Social Media’ page. 
The page has a horizontally scrolling set of panels linking to and describing each of the social media channels that the company uses for communicating with students and jobseekers.
The descriptions for each channel include precise details of what visitors can use them for. For example:
‘You want to know more about our in-house events and want to keep an eye on the latest job listings? Follow us on Twitter.’
‘Follow us on Instagram to get a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to work at BASF.’
Specific reasons for following a total of seven social media channels – including Facebook, LinkedIn and Germany-based Xing – are described in this way.

The takeaway

Social media directories on many corporate websites succeed in terms of providing useful links to the company’s presence on various channels – but fail to follow BASF’s example of explaining exactly why visitors should follow the firm on each channel. 
BASF’s clear descriptions of the purpose of each of its careers-related social channels is a sign of a confident and coherent communications strategy – something that is useful for the people inside the company managing these channels, as well for the people outside the firm seeking to use them.
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First published 27 July, 2020
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