Standard Chartered : Unmatching job offers

Job opportunities shrink on the website

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The feature

Standard Chartered, a London-headquartered international bank, runs separate job vacancy lists on its website and on Facebook. Standard Chartered’s global Careers section provides a link to a standalone job search site, Job Opportunities. The site opens on a job-search tool that returns 500 results for an ‘anytime’, all locations and all categories search. The list can be searched initially by time of posting, location, keyword and job function. The Careers landing page has a set of Share buttons that includes Facebook. A Facebook link is also included in the primary navigation menu of the Standard Chartered global site. This launches a Facebook page that offers a Careers link to a discrete Standard Chartered Careers page featuring a vacancies list, Available roles. The list covers 979 jobs in reverse chronological order (most recent first). It can be searched by location and keyword.

The takeaway

Standard Chartered appears to be running parallel but uncoordinated channels for filling job vacancies within the group. That this is unsatisfactory both for jobseekers and the departments looking for candidates is apparent in the headline mathematics: the Facebook channel offers 479 more vacancies, almost twice the number on the global website. Put another way, anyone searching on the website sees only one in two of available vacancies and half the functions looking to recruit are not getting in front of website jobseekers. Ironically, website users are provided with a more sophisticated set of search filters for the smaller pool of jobs. Such blatant mismatches in the volume and searchability of vacancies can only reflect a lack of integration between channels of the kind that used to distinguish careers sections from the rest of the corporate website. If there is some rationale behind the separate offerings it should be explained to jobseekers – not to mention job offerers – and the alternative source of vacancies made explicit. That would also offer a coherent foundation for a joined-up strategy across channels.
First published 10 January, 2013
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