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Placement of dropdown menus avoids masking page content.

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The feature

Jefferies, a US-based global securities and investment banking group, uses mouseover menus to preview section content from its primary navigation bar. Jefferies’ primary navigation headings are carried in a standard horizontal bar that is integrated with the universal pictorial page header. Secondary section headings appear on mouseover, but rather than 'dropping down' over current page content they display in a 'pop up' panel that overlays the page header. Where the section menu exceeds the height of the header (for example, with Industries), the overlay is widened to accommodate the list over two columns.

The takeaway

Jefferies’ use of mouseover menus as a device to present secondary menu items is conventional and intuitive, but its configuration strays from the norm to improve the browsing experience. Instead of menus dropping down when triggered to potentially obscure current page content, they are displayed within the less subject-critical space above the primary bar. The divergence is relatively subtle but yields a notable improvement in usability for those browsing the site.
First published 25 September, 2012
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