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A dedicated customer support 'handle' delivers timely service.

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The feature

Belkin, US-based networking technology producer, operates a dedicated technical support channel on Twitter.

Belkin’s dotcom home page features a graphic banner immediately below its main content highlights panel that asks ‘Tech support?’ above a Twitter logo and ‘handle’, @belkin.cares. Clicking the banner launches a dedicated BelkinCares support page. It is used to respond to and resolve enquiries or complaints posted by customers and followers. Responses may include a series of tweets to establish the details of a problem or suggest and monitor a solution. Consultation may be had with and relayed from technical teams within the company, and links provided to online resources including help videos on YouTube. Initial response times can be as low as a few minutes.

The banner features equally prominently in the site’s main Support section and on the UK country site but is not carried by other local sites whether they are in English or the local language.

The takeaway

The quick response times that sampling suggests characterise the BelkinCares feed are arguably the key reason why Twitter is establishing itself with consumers as a favoured support channel. Belkin is by no means the first company to respond to this with a dedicated customer service ‘handle’ – about a third (32 per cent) of major brands have one, according to social media analytics platform Simply Measured. But the service it provides is at the top end of the range on several counts. For example, the average brand’s response time is measured in hours (4.6) not handfuls of minutes. Belkin also adopts a personalised and conversational tone that exploits the medium to come across as approachable and human (though its posts are not individually signed, which arguably would enhance the effect) and integrates relevant content from other channels such as the website and YouTube.

Underpinning all this, though, there has be an impressive level of integration with Belkin’s other support infrastructure and a serious investment in the technical and human elements needed to deliver those quick responses around the clock. It’s not something to try at home unless you’re prepared to give it that kind of commitment and support. But if you do, a payoff in terms of increased customer satisfaction and loyalty is clearly there to be had.
First published 10 July, 2014
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