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A neat answer to a problem of social media proliferation.

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The feature

Bank of America, US-based financial services group, provides quick-link access to a set of its Twitter feeds. Bank of America has a federated dotcom site in which corporate information is presented in an integrated minisite, About Us. A string of Follow Us icons in its universal rich footer includes the Twitter ‘bird’ followed by a down-pointing chevron; on click this generates a dropdown menu of links to six group Twitter feeds including careers and the Merrill Lynch and US Trust divisions. These launch the target feed in a new secondary window. A separate page in About Us includes nine Twitter ‘handles’ in a set of 14 social media links. The page is not signposted around the site and is reached from a different Follow Us feature on the Careers microsite, which does not have the rich footer.

The takeaway

Bank of America has come up with a neat user-friendly answer to a question posed as company’s develop their use of Twitter: how to connect users from a single icon once you’ve begun to build a stable of feeds. The simple dropdown is a familiar device that offers a set of quick links direct to individual feeds and is here enhanced by use of a secondary window so that the main site is easily retrievable. The ‘quick link’ nature of the device may explain why it carries only six of Bank of America’s nine Twitter handles, but that is no excuse for its full social media index, which includes LinkedIn properties, being effectively kept hidden from site users. All the more reason, in fact, why is should be widely available.
First published 19 February, 2013
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