Manpower Group : Tweeting from the top

Rare commitment to public engagement is under-exploited.

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The feature

Manpower Group, a US-based recruitment and workforce services company, is not getting the best out of its leading Twitter poster. Manpower has a set of links in its universal rich footer to three social media channels – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook – under the heading Stay Connected. The Twitter link launches the feed of Manpower’s chief executive officer, Jeff Joerres. The feed is long-running, having started in May 2009, and added to regularly: 26 posts in the current month. A profile of Mr Joerres in the Executive Management area of the site’s About section includes a link to ‘Send an e-mail to Jeff Joerres’. There is no reference in the profile or the e-mail contact form to the Twitter feed.

The takeaway

Rare is the chief executive who takes to social media. Manpower’s Mr Joerres is just one of 20 in Fortune 500 companies using a Twitter account to communicate publicly, according to a recent unrelated company news release. Without tracking down his fellow CEO tweeters it’s fairly safe to assume he has even fewer peers for commitment, both to sustaining his Twitter account and engaging in the public forum. But the disjointed promotion of his efforts suggests he may not be being rewarded with as many followers (4,386 on Twitter) as he could be. The company clearly wants to exploit Mr Joerres’ willingness to ‘go public’: the e-mail form is titled ‘Talk to Jeff’ and the universal Twitter link is to his account. But these things only become apparent after users have engaged with the respective channels, and exist in isolation. With a little bit of integration, though – adding a companion link in the management profile to ‘Follow Jeff on Twitter’ – the site could strengthen the underlying ‘open door’ message as well as boost Mr Joerres’ Twitter tally.
First published 29 January, 2013
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