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Enquiries to a corporate Facebook page receive warm and informative replies.

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The feature

The Maersk Group posts regularly to its Facebook page, with stories and videos on fitting topics for a Denmark-based transport and energy conglomerate – trade, exports and innovation. One of the best in recent weeks was a March 9th video showing ‘the first ever’ drone delivery to an offshore vessel, a box of cookies.

With nearly 2.5m ‘likes’ the company also receives a steady stream of comments on its posts. Most of these are Careers related and often specific, eg, a recent enquiry asked, ‘Dear Maersk oil, could you help me to join your Culzean project…?’ This question and others receive personal replies within a few days, eg, in response to another follower who said he makes ‘prayers to work with this great company’, the company said, ‘Hi David, thank you for your kind words’ and provided a link to the careers section on the main website.

The takeaway

The careful monitoring and responses on the page give it a lived-in feeling, encouraging others to comment and potentially reducing the number of Careers-related queries the company receives.

Unlike other international conglomerates, Maersk appears to receive very little abuse, which makes managing the page easier. Still, the company responds to even mildly reproachful comments. In one example, from March, someone said a photo the company posted was ‘NOT China’ as the caption indicated, but Hong Kong. A few days later the company said it had corrected the mistake.

It is a big commitment to actively manage a Facebook page, but with so many ‘likes’, it makes sense to take the Maersk approach.

Maersk placed joint ninth in our just-released 2016 Index of Online Excellence. Read our Index overview article for more about how corporate digital teams are becoming more adept at using Facebook.
First published 20 April, 2016
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