United Technologies : Summarising sustainability goals at a glance

A simple interactive graphic successfully combines charts, captions and case studies to demonstrate progress against CSR targets.

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The feature

United Technologies (UTC), the US-based aerospace and engineering conglomerate, has an interactive graphic on the ‘Our Sustainability Goals’ page of its global corporate website. It consists of a grid of nine panels, each of which state a goal, such as ‘Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions’; and the target, which in this case is ‘2020 Goal 15%’.

Each panel expands on click reveal a chart, a long caption to the right providing context, and a link to a related case study from one of the company’s subsidiaries. For example, in the ‘Reduce Water Consumption’ panel, the case study is about the opening of a water reclamation project at one of the company’s California manufacturing sites.

The takeaway

UTC’s interactive graphic is simple, yet visually clear and contemporary, and each element is well executed. Colour-coding in the charts, with the current figure in blue and the 2020 goal in green, makes it easy to see if the company is on track.

Rather than overwhelm visitors with data as some CSR sections do, UTC uses a few well chosen data points to communicate key messages.

The concise nature of the captions makes them more likely to be read.

Moreover, linking to case studies in this way is a good example of putting stories where they are likely to be most relevant for readers (and more likely to be clicked).

And for those who don’t want so much detail, the feature is easy to browse.

First published 06 April, 2020
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