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Universal contact information is customised related links-style.

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The Site

Teck, a Canada-based mining and minerals company, uses related-links logic to seed a customisable contact feature around its site. Teck has a Contact link in the subsidiary string of universal section headings at top right of all pages. It opens a page in the About section headed Corporate Contact Directory that shows company contact details in the main display and has a panel of three related links under the title Contact Info: for Shareholder Contacts, Exploration Contacts and Products Contacts. Each opens a similar-looking page in the corresponding section; only in Products is this listed and visible in the secondary navigation. The make-up of the page is tailored to show the relevant sectional contacts as the main display while the Contact Info panel is in turn customised accordingly. The Contact feature does not cover Media Contacts, which is included in the Media section navigation and uses the same contact page format. Here, the side panel is titled Other Contact Info and has only two links, for Corporate Contact Directory and Shareholder Contacts. The Investors section home page highlights two Contact Us links, for Investor and Media contacts (the first opens the Shareholder Contacts page, which is

The Takeaway

Using customised Contact Info in the manner of a related links component to selectively seed the main Contact feature around its site is a novel idea but one which Teck needs to refine further to extract greater value for visitors. In part this is because the source material is flawed by the exclusion of Media Contacts: the main Contact feature has no mention of or cross-link to the media resource, which makes little sense if the idea behind Contact Info has any logic – why, for example, include shareholders but not journalists? The answer may be that Teck assumes journalists will home in straight away on the Media section, where it makes sure contacts is visible in the secondary navigation, or perhaps Investors, where it covers that with a link on the section home page. If so, the premise needs revisiting – journalists are more not less likely than other user types to dig all around the site in search of nuggets of information.

First published 20 October, 2011
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