Walmart : Social media channels serve employees and jobseekers

The US retailing giant’s careers-related social media channels blend material for internal and external audiences

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The feature

The Twitter, Facebook and Instagram presences that Walmart promotes on its careers microsite are labelled ‘Walmart Today’, rather than ‘Walmart Careers’.

Walmart Today, the company’s blog, is intended not only for jobseekers, but also employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

The social media presences (and the blog) put the focus on stories about Walmart employees, innovation, quirky interviews and inspirational quotes from the company’s founder, Sam Walton. The Instagram channel, whose stated purpose is ‘Sharing big stories and small moments at the world’s largest retailer’ shares images and stories of a wide range of employees, from truck drivers to an investigator in the legal department.

The takeaway

‘Walmart Today’ is a high-profile example of the current trend for blending retention and recruitment communications; and more widely, for thinking about how ‘internal’ content can and should be used beyond the corporate firewall.

Positive stories about employees helps build morale and engagement, while making the company seem an attractive place to work. Social media has the power to bring jobseekers into the existing ‘community’ of employees. Labelling the channels Walmart Today, rather than ‘Careers’, also makes it less likely that jobseekers will unfollow when they join the company.

First published 03 October, 2018
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