Philip Morris International : Smoking headline

An intriguing home page headline makes it difficult not to click.

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The Site

The home page of Philip Morris International’s recently relaunched corporate website has the headline, ‘Designing a Smoke-Free Future: How long will the world’s leading cigarette company be in the cigarette business?’

The large white lettering takes up much of the page above the fold, as repeating videos play in the background – employees smiling, and meeting, shots of PMI buildings, etc. Clicking on the call-to-action ‘Read more’ takes visitors to a page in ‘Who we are’ explaining PMI’s investments in smoke-free products.

The Takeaway

Few companies outside the tobacco industry will be in the position of needing to explain why they are investing in alternatives to their core business. But as a piece of writing designed to draw people into a corporate website and hear the company’s messages, the PMI headline is one of the best we have seen and well worth emulating.

It is simple, counter-intuitive and poses an interesting question; all of which makes it very difficult not to click. Other companies will have subject matter or ‘stories’ that could be treated in the same way on the home page.

First published 22 March, 2017
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