Alibaba : Skilful journalism makes corporate news engaging

The Chinese e-commerce giant’s corporate news microsite is likely to be useful for the professional media and interesting to general audiences

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The feature

‘Alizila’ is Alibaba’s corporate news microsite, which is linked from the ‘News and Resources’ section of the Alibaba Group corporate website.

The site has a regular flow of stories on Alibaba corporate and business news, the digital economy and China. There are four categories in the primary menu – ‘New retail’, ‘Gateway to China’, ‘Ecosystem in action’ and ‘China insights’. Visitors can use filters for stories about businesses within Alibaba Group.

The site is laid out like an online magazine: a large rotating banner for the latest features, a ‘Trending’ column to the right, and more headlines down the page. Stories are wide-ranging within the broad themes of ‘Alibaba’ and ‘China’. Two recent stories have been on the increased consumption of coffee in China and the release of a Peppa Pig film, ‘Peppa Celebrates Chinese New Year’. 

The takeaway

The Alizila site is run by former journalists and it shows. Stories are well selected, written and presented online; and demonstrates that a corporate news site can successfully move beyond a tone that is blatantly promotional or too internally focused.

You could imagine journalists, and perhaps investors, industry professionals and even general news consumers, using the site as an online destination for news and analysis about China and one of the world’s largest online retailers.

There is also good attention to details that will matter to journalists, an open and transparent ‘About’ page, as well as a blanket statement about publishing permission: ‘We encourage you to share this information. All stories, photos, videos and other content posted on Alizila may be republished and re-used free of charge unless otherwise noted.’

China-based companies have been notably behind Europe and the US in their approach to online corporate communications, but Alizila suggests this could be changing.
First published 13 February, 2019
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