Bloomberg : Signposting live video

A media company’s ‘Live TV’ button could be adapted for corporate websites.

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The Site

Bloomberg has a small box in the lower left hand corner of its website that encourages visitors to click on a live feed from its television and radio channels.

On landing on the home page for the first time, visitors see a miniature feed from the TV channel; on subsequent visits, there is a black screen with a ‘play icon’. Clicking on ‘Live TV’ leads to a new screen with the television channel; clicking on ‘Audio’ leads to the radio channel.

On desktop view, the button stays visible as visitors scroll down the page; the feature does not appear on smartphone screens.

The Takeaway

A ‘live’ feature could work on corporate sites to promote its own real-time events – investor webcasts, AGM feeds, press conferences, etc. It could be a useful way of signposting these events to journalists, investors and others, who visit with the intention of viewing a webcast live.

Bloomberg is distinctive in having television and radio channels, and corporate websites would not usually have live events to promote. However, a similar feature could be adapted to send people to other interesting or useful content. One important aspect is the box’s ‘stickiness’ – it is always in view as viewers move up and down pages in the increasingly ‘scrolly’ corporate web.
First published 20 July, 2016
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