Novo Nordisk : Signposting a social media directory

A Denmark-based pharmaceutical company uses a special icon in the footer to introduce its social media channels.

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The feature

Novo Nordisk has a row of conventional-looking clickable social media icons at the top of its ‘universal’ footer (the footer that appears on every page of its corporate website), advertising its other online channels – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram.

The icon at the end of the row is anything but conventional, however – it is a mash-up of the Twitter, Facebook and YouTube logos with the text ‘Overview’. Clicking onto it leads to a social media directory in the ‘About Novo Nordisk’ section. 

The takeaway

Novo Nordisk’s unconventional ‘overview’ icon, appearing everywhere on the site via the footer, is a subtle, elegant and effective way to lead people to the company’s social media directory. It assumes that not everyone will know what Novo Nordisk does on social media. Some visitors may ‘follow’ the company anywhere and everywhere online; others may want to find out what they will be getting in their feeds, and this feature serves them well.

The overview icon is worth emulating only if your company has a social media directory to which you are happy sending people. Novo Nordisk has one of the best – well organized, clear and concise, with examples and explanations of what it publishes on each channel – so it is no wonder the company wants to show it off.
First published 10 February, 2016
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