Home Depot : Showing sustainability at store level

A simple interactive tool puts the US retailer’s sustainability programme in an appropriate context.

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The feature

Home Depot’s corporate website has an interactive graphic in its ‘Responsibility’ section that lets visitors click around an image of one of its retail sites to see how the company is reducing its environmental impacts.

There are 11 clickable numbers around the image of the site, each with one sentence summarising the efficiencies being made, from the introduction of low-wattage lighting, fewer parking spaces, recycled roofing materials, etc.

The takeaway

The interactivity is basic, verging on old-fashioned, but the graphic’s strength is the way it explains sustainability at an easily understandable level – the individual store.

The target audience for the page is general visitors – jobseekers, customers, individual investors – for whom simplicity is an advantage. The information imparted is clear, straightforward and memorable; and it fits in with the rest of the corporate site’s ‘fun’ and informal feel.

A drawback is that we found the usability fiddly, with some trouble zooming in and out in desktop view; and it was even more difficult on a smartphone.

However, the central idea behind the tool – finding an appropriate visual ‘hook’ for explaining a company’s environmental programmes – is one which has applications across sectors.

First published 03 April, 2018
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