Capital Group : Showing people round

The office is the centre of a pitch to potential job candidates.

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The Site

Capital Group, a US-based international investment management company, uses its offices to sell itself to jobseekers. Capital Group devotes a sub-section of its Careers pages to Working at Capital, showcasing associate profiles and, in a feature titled See our offices, its locations worldwide. An initial choice is made from a photo gallery but once within the feature page content can be refreshed from an always-visible right-hand menu of 23 location names. Each location page has a captioned image and standardised fact file that records how long the company has had its office there, the approximate number of people working there, postal address and map link, and an invitation to submit a résumé. Most locations have a small thumbnail gallery allowing a range of images to be shown enlarged on click. Each is captioned to highlight the aspect it shows; for example, ‘Our café offers fresh, made-to-order food each day’, ‘The view makes our break room a great meeting place’, ‘We work in and around opens space and natural light’.

The Takeaway

Capital Group is in an industry where there is a premium on talent and a corresponding need to appeal to quality candidates. Its use of the website to ‘sell’ itself in the round – going beyond roles and career development to give a feel for where you would work – is therefore logical but rarely as fully or successfully embraced with or without (as here) the use of rich media. Effective use of the basics of the medium to make browsing of the offices feature easy and inviting is allied to simple but well-crafted content to create more than just a visual impression. Picture captions, for example, subtly address candidates’ natural concerns about such things as catering facilities, ambience and locality. The offices feature also sits alongside informative location-based coverage of benefits (oddly not cross-referenced) and a varied collection of associate profiles that augment and reinforce the persuasiveness of the pitch to prospective employees.
First published 03 April, 2012
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