Smiths Group : Showing common purpose

Company profiles underline group coherence.

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The Site

Smiths Group, a UK-based engineering and technology business, underlines its coherence through the treatment of constituent-company profiles. Smiths profiles each of its five divisions in a dedicated primary section of its group site, Our businesses. Each can be accessed from an interactive photomontage on the section’s landing page that features mouseover characterisations leading to the full profile. Profiles follow a standardised format based on a set of common sub-sections: Case studies, Markets and trends, Performance and (in all but one case) Research & Development that can be navigated from a conventional left-hand menu. Each also has a fact sheet-style landing page that covers Key facts, multi-year Financial highlights, Principal operations regions, Customers, Competitors, Suppliers and Where we operate. The graphics on these are colour-coded; for example, Smiths Medical is purple, Flex-Tek brown. Links to divisional websites are provided in a universal footer.

The Takeaway

Smiths current corporate strap, ‘bringing technology to life’, is impressively applied to its profiling of the group’s divisions. Each has its own résumé that summarises key aspects of its business, from research to markets and performance, along with a well-presented and unusually informative fact sheet (the depth of financial highlights and overall range are both noteworthy). Moreover, the presentation also works to reinforce a firm impression of the group as just that – a collective with a common purpose and direction. The standardised format, leavened with business-specific colour coding, is surely reflective of a group that is cohesive and centrally managed while retaining divisional identities (which are clearly and appropriately expressed on the business sites).
First published 04 October, 2012
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