Credit Suisse : Serving jobseekers with a tennis ace

A Swiss financial services giant uses its sponsorship deal with Roger Federer to attract jobseekers

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The feature

The Careers landing page on Credit Suisse’s corporate website features a 5-minute video ‘Credit Suisse Ambassador: Roger Federer giving career advice’.

In a series of short clips with headings such as ‘train hard’, ‘teamwork’, ‘pressure’ and ‘mental focus’, Federer talks about the tools he used to become arguably the best professional tennis player in history. It is part of a series of careers-related videos at the bottom of the landing page.

The takeaway

Credit Suisse pays Mr Federer a lot of money to be its ‘brand ambassador’, so it makes sense for the company to use the ‘content’ produced from the relationship wherever it can.

Some companies try to shoehorn expensive commercials on to the corporate site, with no context or customisation, and the effect on viewers can be jarring.

Credit Suisse adapts its marketing and advertising material much better than most. Although Mr Federer was unlikely to have been giving careers advice specifically (in what appears to be a wide-ranging interview that took place at a live event in front of an audience). However, Credit Suisse has given the interview a clever edit and the short video fits in well with the other videos on the corporate Careers site.

The advice in the video may also be useful, but the underlying message to jobseekers is, ‘you can work at a company that associates with Roger Federer’ – a clear winner for jobseeker comms.

First published 03 December, 2018
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