Netflix : Selling the company internationally

A well-executed video on LinkedIn features Europe-based employees discussing whether the US headquarters makes all the decisions.

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The feature

Netflix posted a video one week ago to its 2.8m followers on LinkedIn, titled ‘Netflix Culture Explained: Does All Decision-Making Sit Within the U.S.?’

The three-minute embedded YouTube video features clips from interviews conducted with employees based in Amsterdam, Paris, London and Madrid.

The employees give their views and discuss the question among themselves in a relaxed setting.

It is part of a series of ‘culture explained’ videos featured on the company’s careers microsite and careers-focused social media channels.

The takeaway

Netflix has been expanding rapidly outside the US, and several of its 500 available jobs at the moment are based abroad.

With the LinkedIn video, Netflix is addressing in public what is likely to be a key question from candidates outside the US – how much influence will we really have?

A strength of the video is its openness. It appears to be genuinely unscripted and interviewees give nuanced answers. Most agree that generally decision-making is allowed to happen locally, but they do not appear to be taking a pre-packaged company line. One interviewee says, ‘There is a long way for us to go to really become a global company.’

This may be a simple acknowledgement of reality, but such transparency goes beyond what many companies permit. Current and future employees of Netflix will likely appreciate the honesty.

Other companies can learn from the Netflix approach: Use digital channels to address the questions that your audiences are already asking, in plain language; then have real people answer the questions as openly as possible.
First published 04 September, 2019
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