Google : Santa interactive

The tech giant’s Christmas-themed online feature is full of ideas for engaging interactive content.

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The feature

Google’s ‘Santa Tracker’ feature launched on December 1st with a number of Christmas-related games, activities and educational tools to help count down to the big night, when visitors can track Santa’s progress around the world via Google Maps. The Tracker, now in its 11th year, gets ever more elaborate, and this year there are a number of games such as ‘Memory Match’ and ‘Santa Search’; activities such as Gmail Christmas cards; and educational tools to translate Christmas terms into different languages and find out about Christmas traditions in different countries.

New for 2015 are links to non-profits such as the Jane Goodall Institute and the World Wildlife Fund to facilitate festive charity; and in keeping with the times, there is an expanded set of options for viewing the Tracker on different-sized screens.

The takeaway

The Santa Tracker has lots of good ideas for engaging interactive material that tie in with Google’s stated mission to ‘organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful’. Maps, facts, ‘coding labs’ all play to Google’s strengths, showcasing Google’s techie prowess and light-hearted culture.

It’s well worth exploring over the holidays – maybe you’ll find some concepts worth borrowing in 2016.
First published 23 December, 2015
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